1.  Loss Prevention Control


         Pre-shipment control

         Loading, Stowage and Discharging surveys

         Lashing and Securing control

         Reefer cargo inspections

         Inspection of  packaging

         Logistics Analysis & Control of Inland Transit Chain

         Cool house and cold storage inspections

         Warehouse security surveys

         Investigation of transit and warehouse control


2.  Surveys


         Loading and Discharging supervision

         Container survey (with/without cargo)

         General Cargo (no loose bulk cargo and marine bunkering)

         Steel and non-ferrous metals

         Forest Products (newspapers, printing papers, kraft papers etc.)

         Perishable goods (foodstuffs, coffee, cocoa, fresh fruits, canned fruits, deciduous fruits etc.)

         Refrigerated and deep frozen cargoes

         High Tech equipment

         Machinery and Industrial equipment

         Pharmaceuticals and Bio-Medical products

         Salvage Sale



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